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On behalf of the members of the Combined Anti-Drug Task Force (K-CAT) I want to introduce the community to your task force. 

Your task force will move forward with the communities help in locating and targeting areas of the community where there has been noticeable suspicious activity. Cleaning up and taking out the trash of our communities are what we hope to achieve though a partnership with Labette County's citizens.

K-CAT will work hard to provide a high level of drug enforcement to the community and surrounding areas of Labette County. We pride ourselves on having a high level of success in bringing drug dealer and violent felons to justice. K-CAT does not stop at the borders of Parsons but will encompass all of Labette County with the participation of the surrounding agencies. Our goal is to 'Team-Up Against Drugs'. 

K-CAT will take on more than an acronym but embody a work ethic as well.



Alert with


It is my privilege to lead the Kansas Combined Anti-Drug Task Force.


Lieutenant Sherri McGuire

From the Commander: Our Station
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